New Specialization at Sofia: Consciousness and Phenomenology Research Specialization (CPRS)

Mentorship and innovation in consciousness research since 2004

The new Consciousness and Phenomenology (CPRS) takes students on a fascinating journey of discovery of unusual, cutting edge topics and special research skills related to conscious awareness, human experience and the brain. In spirit of Wilson’s vision of the Science of Consilience which builds on the evidence from both science and humanities, CPRS spans the range of topical areas such as neurobiology, phenomenology of consciousness, philosophy of mind, textual studies in religion, and psychological phenomenology and metaphysics, to give students orientation in a spectrum of approaches applicable to research of ego-transcendent aspects of consciousness such as spiritual emergence, spiritual awakening, non-dual consciousness, subtle body, and transformative practices. CPRS also enhances the knowledge of more traditional but still enigmatic areas of study such as introspection, the self- no-self problem, optimization of consciousness, consciousness “hacking”, complexity theory or phenomenological ontology. Our goal is to train students in the rigor in comparative and interdisciplinary research approaches which preserves integrity of specific knowledge within the disciplines; as a result, RSCP both enhances research skills on graduate level, and serves to prepare graduate students to post-graduate research. CPRS is recommended for students in the Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (on-campus) programs; its’ classes in online format are available to all students enrolled in Sofia.

CPRS classes are packed with hands-on innovative, transformative transpersonal pedagogy, including contemplative techniques which help to intensify memorization and learning.  Specialization supports student research initiatives early on in their dissertation writing; CPRS students receive individual guidance in self-directed studies and individual study tracks.

CPRS classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Researching Religious and Spiritual Experience
  • Neurophenomenology
  • Phenomenology of Perception and Embodiment
  • Research in Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Awakening
  • Cross-Disciplinary Research Approaches in the Study of Meditation
  • Complexity theory
  • Transpersonal research in ecopsychology (with outdoor field studies of bio-energies of nature)
  • Research in empirical metaphysics: Enlightenment
  • Foundations of Phenomenological Method
  • Research and Electronic Information Technologies
  • Comparative research approaches
  • Research labs on specific topics
  • Other classes in areas of emergent interest

CPRS enhances the possibilities of your future employment and enriches your life by engaging research areas that truly advance one’s consciousness and open it to the earth, society and spirit. CPRS supports you in publishing your work, making presentations at the professional conferences, networking, developing the portfolio-worthy projects, and becoming an expert with broad range of professional and interdisciplinary research skills. Enroll in CPRS to learn how to do research-related networking, publish your research, and connect your innate soul quest with your academic research agenda.

Contact: CPRS Founding Director, Olga Louchakova –Schwartz,


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