Paid 5-Month European Traineeship

Traineeships Office

Gain hands-on experience working at an international and multicultural location through the Traineeships Office. Trainees work at executive bodies and agencies of European Institutions such as the European External Action Service or Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. Your job duties vary, depending on your assigned service.  Fields include competition law, human resources, and environmental policy. Registration for the October 2015 traineeship session is now open.


The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work

sweet spot book

Learn how to achieve more by doing less! Live in that zone you’ve glimpsed but can’t seem to hold ontothe sweet spot where you have the greatest strength, but also the greatest ease.

Not long ago, Christine Carter, a sociologist at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and a speaker, writer, and mother, found herself exasperated by the busyness of modern life: too many conflicting obligations and not enough time, energy, or patience to get everything done. She tried all the standard techniques—prioritizing, multi-tasking, delegating, even napping—but none really worked. Determined to create a less stressful life for herself—without giving up her hard-won career success or happiness at home—she road-tested every research-based tactic that promised to bring more ease into her life. Drawing on her vast knowledge of the latest research related to happiness, productivity, and elite performance, she followed every strategy that promised to give her more energy—or that could make her more efficient, creative, or intelligent.

Her trials and errors are our reward. In The Sweet Spot, Carter shares the combination of practices that transformed her life from overwhelmed and exhausting to joyful, relaxed, and productive. From instituting daily “micro-habits” that save time to bigger picture shifts that convert stress into productive and creative energy, The Sweet Spot shows us how to:

  • say “no” strategically and when to say “yes” with abandon
  • make decisions about routine things once so that we can free our minds to focus on higher priorities
  • stop multitasking and gain efficiency
  • learn to “take recess” in sync with the brain’s need for rest
  • use technology in ways that bolster—instead of sap—energy
  • increase our ratio of positive to negative emotions

Complete with practical “easiest thing” tips for instant relief, as well as stories from Carter’s own experience of putting The Sweet Spot into action, this timely and inspiring book will inoculate you against “The Overwhelm,” letting you in on the possibilities for joy and freedom that come when you stop trying to do everything right-and start doing the right things.

Christine Carter will speak on January 21, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA

RSVP: Tickets are available in advance at Brown Paper Tickets online or 1-800-838-3006