Periodical Update on Council for Research in Values and Philosophy Activities

Periodical Update on RVP Activities
(January-June 2014)
1/ RVP Regional Conferences (April-June 2014)
In late April, May and June a set of RVP conferences takes place in Moscow, Russia (April 24-25), Manila, Philippines (May 8-9); Jakarta, Indonesia (May 12-13), Sivas, Turkey (May 15-16), Vienna, Austria (June 15-16), Klaipeda, Lithuania (June 17-18) and Iasi, Romania (June 21-22). Due to circumstances the two meetings in Iran have been postponed to October 2014.
The RVP regional coordinators have taken responsibility for representing the RVP at each of these meetings.
-Professors Nur Kirabaev and Ruzana Pskhu coordinated the RVP conference on “Islam as Unity in Plurality” held at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia;
-Professor Warayuth Sriwarakuel from Bangkok, Thailand, represented the RVP at the RVP biannual Southeast Asian conference on “Religion, Values, Identity and the ASEAN Integration” held in Manila, Philippines, organized by Feorillo Demeterio III (De La Salle University), Jove Jim Aguas (University of Santo Tomas) and Christian Bryan Bustamante (San Beda College);
-Professor Karim Crow from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, represented the RVP at the ISIP/RVP conference on “Radicalism and Social Peace” held at Paramadina University in Jakarta, Indonesia, organized by Professor Husain Heriyanto,ISIP/RVP coordinator in Southeast Asia;
– Professor Plamen Makariev from Sofia, Bulgaria, represented the RVP at the RVP meeting on “Religion and Relations between Cultures: Peace beyond Violence” held in Sivas, Turkey, organized by Professor Dursun Ali Aykit (Cumhuriyet Üniversity);
-Professor John Ozolins from Riga, Lativa/Victoria, Australia will represent the RVP in Klaipeda, Lithuania at the RVP meeting on “Identity and Globalization: ethical Implications”, organized by Professor Dalia Stanciene (Klaipeda University);
-Professor Wilhelm Danca from Bucharest, Romania, will represent the RVP at the conference on “Values and Identity in Today’s World” to be held in Iasi, Romania, organized by Professor Dan Chițoiu (Romanian Academy–Iași Branch and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University).
-Professor Edward Alam from Lebanon will represent the RVP at the two meetings in Iran: (1) “The Role of Religion in Reducing Violence in Human Relationships” to be held at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, organized by Professor Janet Blake; (2) “Philosophy as a Way of Life in the Contemporary World” to be held at Al-Mustaf University in Mashhad, organized by ProfessorJafar Morvarif.
This reflects the development of the RVP network policy. While it could be good if one or two of the central RVP officers could take part in the many regional meetings, it is more significant that the RVP regional coordinators be actively engaged in their regional projects, conferences, etc. From their specific cultural perspective they know best what issues concern people in each region, what are the specific challenges and opportunities, what regional cultural resources can be drawn upon, and which centers should be urged to hold future meetings or carry out team research.
2/ RVP Publications (January-June, 2014)
During the first 6 months the RVP has published and is going to publish the following 10 volumes:
 Phenomenon of Affectivity: Phenomenological-Anthropological Perspectives(by Ghislaine Florival, Belgium)
 Elusive Transcendence: An Exploration of the Human Condition Based on Paul Ricoeur (by Kuruvilla Pandikattu, India)
 The Spirit: The Cry of the World (by Waclaw Hryniewicz, Poland)
 Faith and Secularization: A Romanian Narrative (edited by Wilhelm Danca, Romania)
 Philosophy and Spirituality across Cultures and Civilizations (edited by Nur Kirabaev, Yuriy Pochta and Ruzana Pskhu, Russia)
 Spiritual Foundations and Chinese Culture: A Philosophical Approach (edited by Katia Lenehan and Anthony J. Carroll, Taiwan)
 Towards a Kenotic Vision of Authority in the Catholic Church (edited byAnthony J. Carroll, Marthe Kerkwijk, Michael Kirwan and James Sweeney, United Kingdom)
 Humanity on the Threshold: Religious Perspectives on Transhumanism(edited by John C. Haughey and Ilia Delio, United States)
 Wisdom in China and the West (edited by Vincent Shen and Willard Oxtoby, Taiwan/Canada) (reprint)
 Modern Western Christian Theological Understandings of Muslims since the Second Vatican Council (by Mahmut Aydin, Turkey) (reprint)
3/ RVP Seminars (August-October, 2014)
August 2-8, “Education in a Global Context: Interdisciplinary, Intercultural and Interreligious Approahces”; Vallendar, Germany.
August 18-September 19, “Religion: Key to Understanidng Violance and Promoting Peace in Global Times”; Washington, D.C.
Again many thanks to all for your help in the RVP efforts in promoting in-depth scholarly insights drawn from many cultures and traditions in these complex global times.
(N.B. As a unique honor, the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) adds its sponsorship to all RVP conferences.)
(for information on the RVP activities and the full text of publications please visit 



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